The growth of Indonesian Civil Aviation Industry in mid 2000's kick-started a lot of revolution in Indonesia. Since then almost every airline and air charter in Indonesia needed a lot of qualified, certified, and professional pilot. To fulfill the demand of commercial pilot in Indonesia, PT. Sriwijaya Air that grows as fast as the growth of their fleet have strong motivation to create flying school to provide pilot which have good quality and training in relatively short time.

In that purpose, PT. National Aviation Management or NAM Flying School was founded in 2009 as it have been given Pilot School Certificate PSC/141-009 at 19th May 2010 from Indonesian Ministry of Transportation. NAM Flying School was named after the father of the founder of Sriwijaya Air for the dedication of raising them, Late Mr. Loe Kui Nam.

In the beginning, the graduate of NAM Flying School was trained solely for Sriwijaya Air, but now the graduate have been employed at commercial airline, air charter, and instructors all around Indonesia. Since founded, NAM Flying School has been graduated 185 pilots with CPL-IR rated and we are keep growing to provide the best pilot to ensure regeneration of pilots in Indonesia with innovation and improvement.