The Piper Warrior III is a four-seater, single-engine, low-wing airplane. The Warrior is used for PPL, IR and CPL training.

Length 7,25 m
Wing Area 15,14 m2
Cruising Speed 90 knots (167 km/h)
Engine Single engine
Seats 4
Rate of Climb 660 ft/min (3,4 m/s) at Mean Sea Level
Max Take-off Weight 2.440 lbs (1107 kg)
Range 540 nm (1.000 km)
Service Ceiling 11.000 feet
Take-off Runaway length required 865 ft (270 m)
Landing Runaway length required 520 ft (163 m)

NAM Flying School is one of the pioneer in using PA-28-161 Warrior III as the trainer airplane. Warrior is considered as a versatile airplane, tend to be more maneuverable and by it's low-wing design, we could get the impression as if we were controlling large commercial airplane, mostly which have low-wing design. On our 8 fleet, the instrument also have each differences, making each flight with each airplane as if we were flying a new one.