Private Pilot License is a qualification that permits to act without remuneration as PIC or co-pilot on aeroplanes in non-commercial operations. PPL is the most common type of license in General Aviation.

For future professional pilots, the Private Pilot License is also the first step in the aviation career.


Course entry requirements

    • Minimum age of 18 years and maximum 35 years to apply
    • At least Class 2 medical certificate
    • Be able to speak, write, and listen to English properly with minimum TOEFL score of 450
    • Pass written test
    • Pass psychology test (at LAKESPRA)
    • Pass interview and aptitude test
    • Priority for S-1


Prior undertaking the PPL ground and flight test student’s has to meet the following training requirements and possess the following minimum aeronautical experience:

  • 248 hours for Ground PPL Stage,
  • 45:00 hours total flight time, and FTD /AATD 10 hours, total 55:00 hours.
  • 18:00 hours general flight time solo flight
  • 6 hours cross country flight time
  • 6 hours Basic Instruments
  • 3 hours night flight
  • Pass the PPL written examination set by DGCA
  • Qualified to handle Flight Radio Telephone Operator Certificate (FROL)
  • Assessed having achieved the required standard in all sequences for the PPL phase
  • Recommended by the Check Instructor for the PPL flight test

Ground Training

The trainee will cover during the ground training the following courses:

  • Air law
  • General Navigation
  • Flight Planning
  • Aerodynamics
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Perfromance Weight and Balance
  • Pronciple of Flight
  • Powerplant
  • Airframe and Aircraft System
  • Radio Communication Procedure
  • Instrumentation
  • Human Performance and Limitaions
  • PA-28 Class Rating
  • Radio Aids to Navigation


Flight training [for PPL] with Flight Instructor:

24 hours Basic maneuvers, emergency procedures, take-offs and landings etc
3 hours Navigation cross-country
Total of 27 hours with Flight Instructor including check ride with DGCA checker


Flight training [for PPL-IR] solo:

14 hours Solo flights under ground supervision of the FI
3 hours Solo navigation cross-country flights
Total of 17 hours solo 


Examination – Theoretical

The applicant has to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge on behalf the Director General in the form of written tests. Tests consist of eight subjects (Rules & Regulations, Aircraft Instruments, Meteorology, Principle of Flight, Airframe & Aircraft System, Navigation, Communications-Radiotelephony, and PA-28 Class rating).

A pass in a subject is awarded to an applicant achieving at least 70% of the marks allocated to that subject. Theoretical examination for the PPL must be successfully passed at the DGCA within a period of 24 months from date of completion the ground training.